The founding members

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What about Bit of Trust?

Bit of trust is a company founded in 2018 on the initiative of internationally recognized experts in the field of development, recognition and valorization of skills.The mission of Bit of trust is to design, develop and support the implementation of technologies and services that contribute to the construction of a Web of Trust, serving an open society. Its main areas of intervention are education, employment, human resources, territorial development and social integration.

Bit of trust is one of the founding member of Reconnaître – Open Recognition Alliance.

Legal informations

Bit of trust is a French STARTUP founded in 2018, legally incorporated in SAS (Sociétés par Actions Simplifiées), with a variable capital of € 20 000. The Company is registered in the Sens Trade and Companies Register under the number 841 364 474.President: Serge RAVET

Address: Bit of trust – 2, rue Couturat – 89 300 Joigny – France