What is Bit of trust Architecture?

The BoT architecture rests on 3 layers (c.f. Picture above and below):

  • BoT: Bits of Trust are relationships between 2 entities, the Issuer of the BoT and its Recipient (Issuers and Recipients can be people, organizations, services, objects, etc.). With people, this relationship is often called endorsement. In other terms, BoTs are the data layer.
  • NoT: Networks of Trust are dynamic aggregate of BoTs. They are obtained by mining BoTs to establish network representations of selected entities in different contexts (personal, professional, social, cultural, territorial, etc.). In other terms, it is the (re)presentation layer, i.e. a multidimensional representation where entities (person, organisations, etc. ) are the nodes and the trust relationships the vertices linking the nodes. There is no limit to the numbers of NoTs, their size and their inter-relationships.
  • WoT: Webs of Trust services are composed of the range of services based on the possible inferences made out of NoTs analysis (employment, education, healthcare, etc.). In other terms it is the service layer.

What is Bit of trust technology?

BoTs use the same advanced technology as that used by blockchains: asymmetric encryption.


What is the Bit of trust Roadmap?


  • Pilot in area of Open Business and Open Employment
  • Pilot in area of Open Knowledge and Open Learning
  • Pilot in area of Open Government and Citizenship

Prototype / blueprint


How Can I Contribute to Bit of trust?

This can be in various ways and depends also on how you want to be involved. Please feel free to contact us.